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“We have a scheduled grease run”

Electric motors are made using specific bearing designs, high-quality bearings and high-quality lubricants.
All reputable OEMs will provide you with the bearing information, recommended lubrication intervals and even multiple types of lubrication options (if available) to assist during the operating life of the motor.

Under lubrication is a common concern for clients, but there are more problems associated with over-greasing than with under-greasing of electric motors. Consider that lubrication is both application and product specific so you will need to consider certain parameters across your operations to select the correct maintenance strategy. Things like operating temperature, motor speed, bearing size, running hours are all critical in making your decision.

Also we need to remember that over 50% of premature bearing failures are associated with an excessive load so greasing the motor over and over and over and over… will achieve nothing.


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