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Endorsing Brook Crompton motors

We endorse Brook Crompton due to their dedication to energy efficiency and their ability to offer cost-effective products throughout the lifespan of the motor.

The history of Brook Crompton dates back to the late 19th century when Colonel Crompton, a trailblazer in the field of DC motors, established R.E.B. Crompton & Co in 1878. In 1904, Ernest Brook introduced the first AC motor in the United Kingdom, founding Brook Motors. In the late 1960s, these two organizations merged, leading to the evolution of the present-day Brook Crompton, which has made significant progress since then.

As a prominent provider of electric motors for the global industrial market, Brook Crompton caters to a diverse range of customers in various sectors. Their motor solutions are utilised in nearly every industrial activity, including water treatment, building services, chemicals/petrochemicals, general processing, mining, power generation and manufacturing. These motors power fans, pumps, compressors, mills, conveyors, and numerous other applications.

Brook Crompton represents the consolidation of several renowned names from the history of electric motor production, such as Brook Motors, Crompton Parkinson, Electrodrives (which includes AEI and English Electric), Newman, and Hawker Siddeley Electric Motors. Regardless of the country in which the Brook Crompton brand is found, there is a consistent thread connecting them all: a commitment to quality.

At National Electric Motor Services, we take pride in our adaptability and flexibility to fulfil your specific requirements. Our ability to understand and address your needs is a key strength. Whether it is through supplying a standard Brook Crompton product from our inventory, modifying an existing motor, or creating a custom-designed Brook Crompton product tailored to your precise needs, we are dedicated to delivering a solution that aligns with your expectations.


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