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Partial discharge (PD) testing of electric motors

Completing regular (PD) partial discharge testing is crucial for electric motors to detect insulation problems early, prevent catastrophic failures and extend motor lifespan. Off-line PD tests offer non-intrusive and comprehensive analysis, facilitating accurate assessments of motor insulation and enabling effective maintenance strategies.

There are several key reasons why off-line partial discharge testing is important for electric motors:

Simulated Operating Conditions
Offline PD tests can replicate the operating conditions of the motor, providing a more accurate representation of its performance under different loads and stresses. This helps identify any PD activity that may occur during normal operation.

Easy Access to Motor Components
With the motor disconnected, off-line testing provides convenient access to various motor components, including stator windings, rotor, and auxiliary connections. This allows for thorough inspection and accurate measurement of partial discharge activity within different parts of the motor.

Comprehensive Analysis
Off-line PD tests enable a comprehensive analysis of the motor’s insulation system. By subjecting the motor to controlled test conditions, various parameters can be evaluated, such as discharge magnitude, frequency, and waveform. This detailed analysis helps in identifying specific insulation defects and determining their severity.

Benchmarking and Trending
Off-line PD testing provides a baseline measurement of partial discharge activity in the motor. These measurements can be used as a benchmark for future tests and comparisons. By regularly conducting off-line tests and comparing the results, it becomes possible to monitor the progression of insulation degradation and take appropriate maintenance actions.

By incorporating offline partial discharge testing into maintenance programs, operators can safeguard critical equipment, extend the design life, and maintain efficient and safe operation across various applications.



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