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i-Brush 2.0

i-BRUSH 2.0 plug-and-play system for generators & motors Carbex i-BRUSH 2.0 system with integrated sensors in the carbon brush, with an external control unit, enables maintenance staff to check brush condition and performance characteristics at anytime from anywhere.

The tailormade setup provides, you as a customer, a wide range of interfaces for your monitoring system.


Operating data can be displayed on any PC or HMI display. With knowledge of remaining brush life, the future maintenance can easily be planned to secure uptime.

  • Can be retrofitted to any existing installation
  • Fits most common brush holder/slip ring designs on the market.
  • Regardless of brush grade, all types and makes of brushes are available to be fit i-BRUSH design.
  • Designed to monitor up to 100+ brushes.
  • Locally stored operating data.
  • Brush wear
  • Temperature in the brush
  • Current in the brush
  • Current distribution between brushes
  • Brush vibrations (pk-pk).
  • Temperature & humidity in slip ring compartment.
  • Celsius / Fahrenheit
  • Metric (mm) / USCS (in)
  • Wear activation threshold %
  • Wear activation threshold “Time to maintenance” in days
  • Device Sample interval. (Minutes)
  • Warnings / Alarms
    Brush Wear %
    Brush Temperature C/F
    Current in Amps
    Enclosure Temperature C/F
  • When one of the monitored values deviates outside given framework an alarm is initiated through signal to Modbus/HTTPS and/or mail from Cloud Service.

    Benefits & Features

    • Decreases need for repairs of potential slip ring damages which
      reduces downtime.
    • Quick overview.
    • The i-BRUSH system itself has minimal maintenance and low
      operating costs. Transmitters can be reused for several brush sets, and no battery replacement is required.
    • Maintenance is performed based on brush conditions rather than scheduled activities.
  • Decreases need for repairs of potential slip ring/generator damages.
  • The system provides the local technician with valuable information and enables remote troubleshooting.
  • “Time to maintenance” function makes the planning easy, and the owner can save cost as the brushes are able to run longer in a controlled way.
  • The i-BRUSH system itself has minimal maintenance and low operating costs. Transmitters are reused for several brush sets and it´s easy to change the i-BRUSH brushes. Transmitters and environment sensor contains long-life batteries that need to be replaces at intervals of several years.
    • Enables maintenance staff to check brush condition at any time.
    • Reduced site visits for inspection and maintenance.
    • Time saving inspections, with longer intervals.

    Constant monitoring via HMI display alt. control rooms lead to more informed decisions.
    Constant data transfer 24/7.

  • Installation of the i-BRUSH system does not require any specialized expertise and has minimal electrical installation requirements.
  • Boxes attach magnetically or by fasteners.

    • Control unit with integrated intelligence.
    • Controlling up to 100+ brushes.
    • Multicolor LED display for quick status overview.
    • Pre-installed program with alarm settings etc.
    • Internal data storage, with locally hosted software.
    • Subscription of reports as an option.
    • Standard power supply, AC 100-230VAC.
    • Barcode scanner.
    • Battery-free transmitters.
    • Wireless brush communication up to 10 m / 32.8 ft
      between receiver and transmitter units.
    • Reusable transmitters.
    • Built-in temperature/humidity sensor
    • Wiring distance up to 100 m / 328 ft between receiver and i-BRUSH box
    • 12” Display.
    • Display cable distance up to 100 m / 328 ft*.
    • Access of installation manual via HMI display.
    • i-BRUSH Box: 300 x 300 x 155 mm / 11.8 x 11.8 x 6.1 in.
    • HMI Box: 380 x 300 x 182 mm / 15 x 11.8 x 7.2 in.
    • PoE Receiver unit: 53.5 x 55 x 130 mm / 2,1 x 2,16 x 5,12 in.

    Schematic overview i-BRUSH 2.0

    Carbex Support for i-BRUSH Carbon Brushes

    i-brush options - sensor scanner

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    Standard Configuration


    Carbon i-BRUSH

    PoE Receiver Unit

    battery ibrush

    Reusable and Battery Free Transmitters

    i-BRUSH 2.0 SYSTEM


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